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What is SoLang?

SoLang is the first fully featured programming language for Stack Overflow Driven Development It's built around Stack Overflow Driven Development process and brings it to the next level You don't ever need to write code which has been already written - just reference it! Your code is always up to date - when someone update their answer on Stack Overflow, your code is automatically updated as well! The code is usually more concise. Want to set-up a server with simple one-liner? That's the language for you! You can write code which iterates over all solutions - find yourself the best one without copying and pasting code on and on again Love writing viruses? Well, now you can write one which no antivirus software will detect. Nobody expect downloading malicious code from Stact Overflow. You can fully control compilation process with all features of kotlin programming language Parallel code fetching and compilation (so that it doesn't take ages) Answer caching